Consider the many ways we each interact with the river we currently call the Rio Grande. Consider the many names people who live with the river have called it for thousands of years. Consider the many ways of relating to the river that these names represent.

How will we continue to live with and through the river? How will we continue to live with and through each other, as we’re connected by its waters?

As we are physically isolated, we invite you to join us in embodying the river, connecting with this lifeline and with one another. 

Please contribute by downloading the visual score to this piece which represents streamflow over time in one of six locations along the river and singing or playing your personal response to that score. Or if you prefer, please record yourself singing your own music, telling a story, or sharing a memory or a hope that reflects on your relationship with the river.

You can download the score at the link below. Submit a recorded audio file or call our Tributaries phone line to record a 3-minute voice message (as many times as you like!) by clicking on the links below. We will include these responses on this page.

Thank you for speaking, singing, and listening.

For folks who would like contribute by following the Full Score: After downloading the score above, you can use a stopwatch to time yourself, follow the free flow of time in your singing and playing, or follow the video conductor shown below.


Email us at:

To hear the voices of your neighbors near and far and their relationships with the river, explore the audio tracks below.

Artist: León De la Rosa-Carrillo Track Name:

Before You Forget

León De la Rosa-Carrillo is a remixologist and pedagogue. He is a professor and researcher in the Art Department at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez since 2005, where he leads courses on audiovisual art, ethics, and contemporary image theory.
Artist: Mateo Galindo Track Name:

This River Cuts Deep Canyons (Chisos Variations)

Mateo Galindo is a media-based artist and curator. In 2015, he co-founded Atomic Culture, a curatorial platform organizing and producing events that highlight both established and emerging artists whose work focuses on geopolitical issues and the reclaiming of space.
Artist: Rosie Hutchinson Track Name:

Powell Rd. SW

Rosie Hutchinson performs as Hosie. Her work stretches folk music through percussive lyrics, dissonance, psychedelic harmonies, and multiple languages. Songs weave together classical violin, guitar, and raw percussion with extended vocal technique and synthetic sounds.
Artist: Liz Rincon Track Name:

River Tribute No. 5

Liz Rincon is a longtime experimental musician and performer in the Albuquerque area. She is the audio engineer and audio-visual technology manager for the University of New Mexico’s Music Department.
Artist: Viola Arduini Track Name:

If I stay still for long enough

Viola Arduini is an Italian artist and educator. In her work, she investigates the relationships formed by humans, animals, and technology. Arduini is currently the Education and Outreach Coordinator for 516 ARTS in Albuquerque, N.M.
Artist: Jessica Zeglin Track Name:

River Tribute No. 4

Notes from the field. Jessica Zeglin is an artist, gardener, and educator currently based in the middle Rio Grande valley.
Artist: Erin Louise Gould Track Name:

River Tribute No. 3

Erin Louise Gould is a multimedia artist and educator working primarily with sculpture, video, installation, printmaking, and performance to investigate relations between human bodies and more-than-human bodies/ corporeal presence and remembered absence/ capitalist ideologies and quotidian manifestations of white supremacy.
Artist: Carlos Santistevan Track Name:

River Tribute No. 2

Carlos Santistevan is a co-founder of High Mayhem Emerging Arts based out of Santa Fe N.M. Using an upright bass and electronics he creates soundscapes and spontaneous compositions from the extremes of acoustic and electric music.
Artist: Jazmyn Crosby Track Name:

River Tribute No. 1

Born and raised in New Mexico, Jazmyn Crosby has worked as an educator and a event facilitator with STEAM initiatives. She plays music under the name Glitter Vomit, and is a founding member of the Graft gallery/collective.